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Smart Closet Design Ideas – Walk in Closets!

New ideas for walk in closets

closet design ideas

Walk in closets are typically “just space.” Walk in closets have not necessarily been designed in the smartest way to provide the most versatility and use. However, walk in closets are now becoming more useful, more luxurious, and more design oriented. Want to renovate your walk in closet? Then here are some smart closet design ideas and options you will want to consider. These closet design ideas will help you create the best walk in closet space possible.

Closet Design Ideas – Tip #1: Do Not Forget to Look Up

With walk in closets, many people do not use the space upwards toward the ceiling. However, there is plenty of space here that you can make use of. If you have a high ceiling, you may even be able to add another clothing pole. This makes walk in closets even more functional … a great place to store clothing that you do not wear as often, or for your out-of-season clothing. Alternatively, walk in closets can offer you pull-out bins or boxes that can be rolled out, set on the floor, and then placed in the top portion of the closet.

Closet Design Ideas – Tip #2: Visibility is a Factor

When it comes to designing the best walk in closets, visibility should one of the most important factors to consider. For example, being able to see exactly what is in each box, bin or drawer, will save you time from searching through everything to find what you need. Instead, choose drawers and bins that include glass or acrylic fronts. Alternatively, choose only shelves that will allow you to easily reference what is stored throughout the entire closet.

Closet Design Ideas – Tip #3: Identify Your Needs

Some people create a closet design that may seem eye-catching but not useful at all. Instead, you need to consider the type of walk in closets that may be ideally suited for the clothes you choose wear, i.e. whether you hang or fold them and your types of shoes. Keep in mind how you like to get dressed as well. If you have an idea of what you need from walk in closets, then you can keep those needs in mind when you consider various closet design ideas. This is much better than just choosing a design that looks good.

If you consider smart design options of various walk in closets, then you will find that you can have the best space possible. Make sure to not leave any space wasted and make sure to consider your own preferences and styles.

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