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Breakfast Nooks Can Host More Than Meals!

Wise uses of an overlooked space

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are often underutilized spaces within a kitchen. Some homeowners use breakfast nooks as a place to eat and run. Others dump excess items on the table and surrounding area making the nook a catchall for clutter. Find a new use for breakfast nooks. A breakfast nook can be a wonderful multi-use area in your kitchen with a little thought and foresight.

Breakfast nooks offer ample opportunity for creativity, comfort, and versatility. Maximize the usefulness of your kitchen breakfast nook with these five tips.

Breakfast Nooks – Tip #1: Transform Nook into Reading Area

Is there a part of your breakfast nook that has a view and offers space for comfortable chairs or a padded bench? Perhaps you can spare several chairs in a seldom used dining area. If the chairs fit comfortably within the nook, this is a perfect and inexpensive option. If you enjoy reading, your breakfast nook can become a very cozy area to enjoy a snack and read that book or magazine you’ve been meaning to get to. Breakfast nooks make a perfect place for your laptop as you surf the web as well.

Breakfast Nooks – Tip #2: Use Nook to Display Items or Collections

Often these areas can be a wonderful place to display a collection either on the wall using shelves or in a corner utilizing a case. You’ll find an array of cabinets and display cases that are specifically made for corners. Using corner cabinets or display cases within breakfast nooks provides homeowners with an opportunity to show off their collections of fine china, figurines, memorabilia or knickknacks. Adding your own personal touch to a breakfast nook is a great way to give it uniqueness.

Breakfast Nooks – Tip #3: Nook Becomes Internet or Entertainment Center

Breakfast nooks provide a relaxing area for you to connect to the Internet or to install a small entertainment center where you can enjoy music, movies, and more. Incorporating comfortable seating, a convenient display, or storage cabinet allows for easy access to your computer or electronics makes your breakfast nook a perfect place to unwind.

Breakfast Nooks – Tip #4: Nook Offers Space for Solace and Contemplation

Make your breakfast nook a comfortable spot to sit and think. Sometimes silence is golden and even if you install that entertainment center, if you make it a space where you can shut everything down and simply enjoy some peace and quiet, you’ll have a fine place for some mental downtime. Who knows, you may hear something you’ve never heard before when sitting there, such as the birds singing, leaves rustling in the trees, or simple silence.

Breakfast Nooks – Tip #5: Creative Storage Becomes Nook’s Purpose

Storage is different than clutter. Breakfast nooks may be able to house a china cabinet or a sideboard where homeowners can store a range of items that you might use in serving dinner and entertaining for special occasions. Think about a cabinet or furniture piece you already have that can do double duty; serving as storage and a media center host.

Important Nook Guidelines

Consider these guidelines for making the most of breakfast nooks:

  1. Keep your nook free of and unencumbered by clutter
  2. Add a soft touch so your breakfast nook reflects your personality
  3. If there’s natural light, let it in and enjoy it-however, shield any objects that might be damaged by constant and intense sunlight
  4. Consider comfort and versatility
  5. Coordinate design and furniture elements with your breakfast nook to match the taste in décor with the rest of your home

Small Spaces Can be Big

A small space such as breakfast nooks can be a big deal when its potential is maximized. These minor spaces can become a major part of your living area offering an opportunity to enjoy the ambience, your meals, and some of the activities you find fulfilling. Use your imagination. You’ll be surprised. With some creativity, your breakfast nook can become the heart of your kitchen.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you may be considering a remodeling project as part of your overall decision to get new use out of your breakfast nook.

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