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Appliance Buying Guide – Kitchen Appliances

Save Energy and Money when Comparison Shopping

Appliance Buying Guide - Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen Appliances Comparison

Appliance Buying Guide?Absolutely – this may be the perfect timing for you to do some kitchen appliances comparisons. For example, maybe your dishwasher is starting to show its age. You notice that it’s getting louder and louder or the dishes aren’t coming out as pristine as they had in the past. You’ve had your dishwasher serviced, but it’s on its last leg. Or perhaps your refrigerator is running warm or your stove is performing inadequately. You’ve had your kitchen appliances serviced, and either they are too expensive to fix, or they’re simply operating on borrowed time.

If you have aging kitchen appliances, the fact that their efficiency is dwindling may be a blessing in disguise. Yes, it is going to cost you money to replace your kitchen appliances, but chances are you’ll be saving cash in the long run. That’s because new kitchen appliances are much more energy efficient than older ones. However, you need to conduct you own kitchen appliances comparison to make the best buying decision. And there is a lot to consider. Our Appliance Buying Guide an ideal resource for you to begin the process.

Comparison Tip #1: Become an Informed Shopper

There are various ways to become an informed shopper and a smart consumer. Comparison shopping is essential if you are going to save energy and money with your next set of kitchen appliances.

This Appliance Buying Guide is complete with several comparison tips that will help you get informed as you prepare to make a good purchase. Much of this endeavor is process oriented, which means that the tips below won’t necessarily occur in a sequential fashion. You will switch from one tip to another and then back again. If you perform your due diligence now, it will pay off in the end, in the form of a great deal!

  1. Determine what you need
  2. Research the Internet
  3. Take a ride and a stroll

Comparison Tip #1: Determine What You Need

Your kitchen appliances comparison should begin with determining what you actually need. Whether you’re looking for a dishwasher, range, refrigerator or another item you’ll want to think about what features are most important to you in your next set of kitchen appliances.

For example, you can purchase a dishwasher that has a stainless steel interior or a model with a polymer interior. The benefits of a stainless steel model are numerous including the fact that the steel increases the interior temperature reducing germs and it is resistant to fungus and bacteria. Nice feature!

A dishwasher with a polymer interior will be a bit more difficult to keep germ free but it will do the job. Using your dishwasher every day will help keep a polymer unit clean and makes the stainless feature less important. Finally, while stainless steel is more durable, it is also more expensive. You can save money by going with the less expensive interior. But is that a wise choice? It depends on a few things.

Consider how long you’ll be in your home. If you’re planning on selling in five to seven years and you use your dishwasher every day, which will help keep it clean, then a less expensive polymer interior may be the way to go. However, if you’re planning on being in your home for a decade or longer, and you let dirty dishes sit in the dishwasher for a few days, then stainless steel may be worth the investment. Also, be sure to think about your particular situation and if various features and options of your next kitchen appliances truly add value to what it is you need.

Comparison Tip #2: Research the Internet First

Your kitchen appliances comparison must include window shopping online where you can easily gather information on numerous brands and models. Be sure to download comparison details on models of interest and take time to read and review each unit’s energy guide. The energy guide will offer you information regarding energy use (your major expense with kitchen appliances). Also look for the Energy Star® label. Kitchen appliances that carry this label exceed the energy efficiency minimums set by the U.S. government and make a good investment.

Comparison Tip #3: Take a Ride and a Stroll

Once you have an idea of the kitchen appliances you want regarding features and options, you know you will know your price range and you have in-hand useful information on models of interest. Now it’s time to shop and conduct your comparisons in-person. Go to different stores, compare models and prices, and take a hands-on tour of whatever kitchen appliances you’re considering.

Open the doors, look inside, tinker with the gadgets, and ask questions. Take the information you collected online and reference it. It’s a good idea for the salesperson to see that you’re an informed and serious consumer. It will give you an edge in the purchasing process of your next kitchen appliances.

Appliance Buying Guide Pointer #1 — Consider What’s Important!

Here are some key tips to consider when shopping for your new kitchen appliances:

  1. Energy efficiency will save you money over the course of time, so although some of brands of high-efficiency kitchen appliances may cost more, you’ll see your return on investment and then some.
  2. Larger models usually use more energy and certain features will do the same—buy what you need and not what salespeople are pushing.
  3. Spending a little more may pay off in the long run. When comparing energy savings be sure to calculate over a period of years. You may end up spending $200 more on a model but the energy savings may be double that in six or seven years.
  4. Last year’s model may cost less and be just as good. If a store is hosting an inventory reduction sale to make room for new models, take advantage of the sales price. This is a great way to save money on your next kitchen appliances!
  5. Free delivery, the gratis disposal of your old appliances, and special sales can mean extra savings. Look for these.

Appliance Buying Guide Pointer #2 — Shop Around and Get the Facts

Before making your final appliance decision, it is important to consider how much you actually need. What features will you use and the facts concerning energy efficiency and reliability. Always think about the long run when purchasing kitchen appliances. Although an energy efficient refrigerator or dishwasher may cost more upfront, it may end up saving you a lot more when it comes to energy consumption and longevity. Use what you have learned from this Appliance Buying Guide – you will have a position of power, which means possessing the knowledge to make an informed decision.

And lastly, you should also consider how your new kitchen appliances will fit into your existing, or perhaps a new, kitchen work triangle.

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