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Popular High End Kitchens – The Features Homeowners Want

Kitchens get high end attention

High End Kitchens | Kitchen Design Trends

High end kitchens provide a designer style and make the space easy, convenient, and even a bit luxurious. Kitchens are most certainly one of the most important rooms in homes today. For that reason, homeowners look for the latest kitchen design trends to incorporate throughout this space. The high end kitchens many people want is achieved through features. Just what are the most popular features and trends in high end kitchens favored by homeowners? Here are a few to consider.

High End Kitchens – Feature #1: Refrigerators

High end kitchens typically include an excellent refrigerator. These days, a refrigerator is no longer just an appliance to keep foods and beverages cool. Instead, high end kitchens include refrigerators that can serve many purposes such as programmable cooling sections, television screens, and touch screen message panels. You can even find kitchens with refrigerators that can be paneled to match custom cabinets for an unblemished look to the room.

High End Kitchens – Feature #2: Stoves and Ovens

High end kitchens also include stoves and ovens that are a work of technology. These stoves can include professional quality cooking available in your home. In addition, many of the modern, high end ovens can be set and operated via the Internet. Stoves and ovens are even available with advanced features for cooking and home safety.

High End Kitchens – Feature #3: Countertops

One of the most popular features in kitchens is the type of material used for countertops. You will not see any Formica countertops in high end kitchens. Instead, the countertops are made from such materials as concrete, quartz, and granite. Even more interesting materials are being used in high end kitchen countertops such as copper, recycled materials, and even enameled natural lava. These materials are some of the latest in kitchen design trends.

High End Kitchens – Feature #4: Custom Cabinets

Of course, a discussion of high end kitchens would not be complete without including custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are made from real wood and are designed specifically for the room they will be installed in. Custom cabinets typically include a number of helpful features like pull out spice racks, folding doors, and more. Adding a microwave drawer to your custom cabinets is one of the ultra-functional kitchen design trends.

There are many features that homeowners expect to see in high end kitchens. The kitchen design trends listed above are just a few of the most popular on the market. Kitchens are one of the most important rooms and that is why the space continues to get the most attention for high end features.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment as you consider how to create your very own high end kitchen!

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