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Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Most Popular and Trendy

Countertops make a big difference

kitchen countertop ideas

Kitchen countertop ideas and design trends abound. And that is because your kitchen countertops are the most often used surfaces in your kitchen. And your countertops have a big effect on the appearance of the room. Kitchen countertops need to be functional, yet also attractive to add beauty and value to the kitchen. There are many different materials that can be used to create kitchen countertops, as well as different colors, patterns and finishes. Depending on your needs in the kitchen, you may require a different type of countertop. If you want to cut down on maintenance, then you will want to avoid colors or finishes that show streaks or spots easily. Here are some of the most popular kitchen countertop trends and how they can work for your home.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas — Granite

Granite kitchen countertops have become increasingly popular in the last few years, because of their impressive beauty and the many different colors available. Granite is a heavy, hard product that is harvested naturally from quarries. The patterns and finishes within granite kitchen countertops vary greatly depending on the various geological processes in the region where the granite was found.

Kitchen countertops made from granite are renowned for their unique patterns and for their durability. You will also be able to choose the type of edge on the counter, which will transform the appearance of your kitchen as well. Granite countertops are usually more expensive than other materials, but can add quite a lot to the resale value of the home. If you are willing to spend a little more and put in a little more maintenance to keep the counters sparkling, granite can work in any type of kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas — Stainless Steel

Once reserved for only commercial kitchens, stainless steel has become one of the most popular materials for counters in residential kitchens. If you do a lot of cooking, this material is great for you, as it is not porous and will not become damaged by a variety of food items. Regardless of how much cooking you do, your stainless steel countertops will remain spotless and beautiful. They need to be cleaned carefully, but putting in a little extra time to polish them up after use will leave them looking sparkling and elegant. Stainless steel kitchen countertops are less expensive than granite, yet more expensive than laminate.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas — Quartz

Quartz is the new kid on the block in kitchen countertops. However, quartz countertops are becoming popular because of its elegant look and more affordable price. Quartz countertops come in many different colors and finishes and is easier to seal than other materials. The hardness of quartz means scratches, dings, and dents are rare.

These three types of kitchen countertops are just the tip of the iceberg. Consult with a qualified kitchen design specialist to consider these and other types of countertop materials to select the right one for your unique kitchen.

And be sure to research kitchen remodeling costs and their return on investment if you are considering a remodeling project as part of your goal to replace your kitchen countertops.

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