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Galley Kitchen Remodel Benefits

The popular galley style kitchen

galley kitchen remodel

Kitchen style and kitchen layout are two things you must consider when you make the decision to do a kitchen remodeling project. A galley style kitchen is a very popular design. And here’s why. A galley style kitchen is ideal for smaller spaces. For example, you will often find a galley style kitchen in smaller houses and apartments because the kitchen must be long and narrow to make use of the space available. A galley style kitchen makes use of all the floor space so none of it is wasted or underutilized.

However, if you are remodeling your long, narrow kitchen, you can do a galley kitchen remodel and eliminate the cramped, out of space feeling when using your current kitchen. A galley kitchen remodel will help you make the most efficient use of space. Here are some tips on how to begin!

Galley Kitchen Remodel Tips – #1: Start with Lighting

Many times, a galley style kitchen does not have access to as much natural light. Because of this, you will need to use artificial lighting that will provide well for the space. Consider these lighting options if you do not have a window. Sunken lighting placed in the ceiling will not take up space and it can even be pointed toward different directions. For a more stylish look, there are many decorative light fixtures made just for smaller galley style kitchens. And these lighting options will not take up much space.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Tips – #2: Continue with Cabinets and Flooring

When choosing kitchen cabinets, wall coverings, and kitchen flooring for a galley style kitchen, be sure to choose light colors. This will improve the success of your galley kitchen remodel by making the space feel larger as a result of the lighter colors. This would include lighter wood cabinets, light or white colors on the walls, and a light wood or tile floor. You will be surprised at just how much bigger a small kitchen will look when light colors are incorporated as part of the design style.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Tips – #3: Conclude with Workspace

There are three important items in the kitchen and they are often referred to as the “kitchen work triangle”. These three items include the oven, sink and refrigerator. For maximum efficiency, design the kitchen work triangle in a manner where all three items are all within reach with just a step or two. This is especially important if you prepare meals on a regular basis. The kitchen work triangle is a great way to save time and effort. And it adds wonderfully to the functionality of your galley style kitchen.

With some thoughtful planning, you can accomplish a galley kitchen remodel that is functional and designer stylish!

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“Our kitchen hadn’t been updated in decades…and I was sure that what I wanted was impossible. But Kitchen Solvers made it happen, and at a price I could afford. The remodeling process was a pleasure with Kitchen Solvers making things easy every step of the way. I still can’t believe this is my kitchen! You were all so helpful.Count me in as one of your best satisfied customers. ”

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