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Eco-Friendly Ideas to Protect the Environment in Your Kitchen

Make green your color with these eco-friendly ideas

Eco-Friendly Ideas | Going Green

Everyone wants to be more environmentally conscious these days. There are many ways to protect the environment by changing some practices around the house. And making some changes in your kitchen is a great place to start. Your kitchen can be an eco-friendly place while still preserving the functionality and beauty of the space. Being kind to the environment is easy to do in the kitchen and will help you to do your part for the vitality of the world around us. Try these 6 eco-friendly ideas to protect the environment. They are simple ideas and ones you can really feel good about. Perhaps even make a green home?

Eco-friendly Ideas #1 – Use Rags and Kitchen Towels Instead of Paper Towels

Paper towels are a big waste of precious resources and the less you use them, the better. Anytime you can use a towel, rag, or sponge to clean up kitchen messes do so and you can save a lot of trees and free-up precious landfill space.

Eco-friendly Ideas #2 – Try Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

If you are in the market for new kitchen appliances, look for the Energy Star label. These products have been approved by the United State EPA and are usually 10 to 20 percent more efficient than other models. This cuts down on energy use and saves you money.

Eco-friendly Ideas #3 – Switch Up Your Lighting

It is cheap and easy to switch out old, incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). Consider installing a skylight for more natural light and leave blinds and drapes open to let in free sunlight.

Eco-friendly Ideas #4 – Ditch those Chemical-filled Cleaning Products

There are many great new cleaning products on the market that are made with fewer chemicals and are easier on the environment. You can also use white vinegar as an affordable all-purpose cleaner that is free of chemicals and toxins.

Eco-friendly Ideas #5 – Get Fresh Water from the Refrigerator Instead of Bottled

Water bottles create a lot of plastic waste. By switching to drinking water from your refrigerator dispenser, or from a filter pitcher, you can help to cut down on a lot of waste.

Eco-friendly Ideas #6 – Reuse Plastic Containers and Spray Bottles

Any plastic containers that food items come in can be used again as leftover holders or for other uses around the house. Instead of throwing out that plastic butter tub once you’ve used up all the butter, rinse out the container and use it to store the leftovers from dinner. You can also reuse bottles that kitchen soap comes in and can refill spray bottles for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

You can create a big impact on the environment just by using some or all of the above ways to protect the environment. All six are eco-friendly kitchen swaps and can help make a green home! You may also have interest in our article on how homeowners can Go Green during a kitchen remodeling project.

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